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I just got married and am living happily with my wife. But I'm very bad at work. Constantly being scolded by my boss, Mukai-san, over and over again. Suddenly this time my boss asked me to go on a business trip with her. I just got married so I don't want to leave my wife. But my boss is extremely difficult, so I have no other choice. Luckily the job went very smoothly. However, when I got back to the hotel, I realized there was only one room due to cost savings. Since there wasn't much left to do, they both went out drinking. Mukai-san seemed too drunk so she kept propositioning me, but when she sobered up I got to know the true personality of this strict boss...!

JUFE-179 Going on a business trip, being forced by a female boss to
 Movie Code: JUFE-179 
 Actor: Ai Mukai