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My wife Alice is an extremely honest, trusting person and does not know how to refuse others. She is often recommended by her neighbors to buy one thing after another. Even so, she is still my gentle, obedient wife. But it seems that her docility still has its limits. When I went on a business trip, I left her with my father, a real bad boy. Even though I still trust him because he's my father, I'm honestly still a little worried. And then just as I was worried, as soon as I left he started targeting my wife. He wanted to give my wife a massage, and because she didn't know how to say no, she let him carry out his plan. He started the massage normally and then gradually massaged Alice's sensitive places, even taking her clothes off, which she couldn't refuse. With the experience of a bad boy combined with the fact that Alice is very gullible, in three days, father was able to seduce Alice into making love to him over and over again...

JUL-607 The husband goes on a business trip, the wife stays at home and has sex with her father-in-law
 Mã phim: JUL-607 
 Diễn viên: Alice Nanase